Apple is looking to hire an IBM Business Development Executive for Healthcare. This comes after the known partnership between IBM and Apple for large business customers — e.g. Hospitals.

What’s interesting about the job posting is the focus on iOS. Apple specifically mentions: “the goal of helping customers embrace iOS in mission critical work capacities”. By customers, they are referring to health care organizations.

When I have discussions with hospital IT departments about embracing BYOD policies, they cite a lack of enterprise capability as the central issue — it’s the singular reason why hospitals still embrace Microsoft products.

In large hospital organizations, the first priority of hardware and software is not functionality — rather, it’s security. Every hospital IT employee worries about making sure patient information never gets breached. Frankly, that’s the correct mentality as maintaining patient data securely is paramount.

This shift by Apple into healthcare enterprise is interesting because of its focus on mobility — and trying to get physicians and nurses and other healthcare employees to embrace their devices in everyday workflows(not just for personal and medical reference use).

Source: VentureBeat
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