Having a good OB Wheel app is essential if you’re an obstetrician, Emergency Medicine physician, or a Family medicine provider. Often times patients know how many months they are — not very useful to physicians. We need to know how many gestational weeks a patient is because that correlates with many clinical management guidelines — which is where an OB wheel app comes into play.

I was recently asked to recommend a free OB Wheel app by a medical student, and was surprised that there are only two free dedicated OB wheel calculator apps.

The two OB wheel apps you can download are the following:

Ferring IVF Wheel

Ferring IVF Wheel, by Ferring Pharmaceuticals, is meant for those performing in vitro fertilization. However, you can change the initial home screen setting from “Egg Retrieval”, to “LMP” or “Due Date” — and basically use it as a simple OB Wheel.  It’s very easy to use and has a clean user interface.

free OB wheel app

Price: Free
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OB App Suite

The other free OB wheel app is OB App Suite — produced by Andrew Yu — who states he is an MD. I always hesitate to recommend apps from people who state they are physicians but don’t list any of their credentials.  Because of this, I would prefer using the Ferring IVF Wheel above, instead of this app.  Plus, OB App Suite doesn’t have the cleanest user interface and takes more clicks to get to the OB wheel than the Ferring app.  However, OB App Suite is free to download and contains various Obstetrics calculators that could potentially have utility. If you review the content of the app and feel it’s accurate for your use — it might prove useful.

obstetrics apps free

Price: Free
iPhone, iPad Link
Android: Not available