According to the CDC, over 700,000 Americans have a heart attack every year. Over 600,000 Americans die of heart disease every year.

Heart disease is often described as a silent killer because it’s difficult for patients to visualize, making it that much harder to understand. Here are three great apps for your tablet to facilitate these critical discussions so you can help your patients better understand their medical conditions and the recommendations you’re making.

DrawMD Cardiology

DrawMDImageDrawMD Cardiology features high quality images of heart anatomy on which you can draw, add preset “stamps” like the cross section of an obstructed coronary artery, and type text notes.

The template drawings and stamps were clearly designed with specific common conversations in mind. For example, there are several stamps that layer nicely on top of each other – that let you go from a normal coronary artery to an obstructed artery to a successfully stented artery with a few taps, in parallel to the conversation you’re having with your patient.

Some particular strengths of this app are that you can import your own images and drawings to use as well as the ability to share your fully annotated drawings with your patient via email. And unlike the other apps on this list, DrawMD Cardiology is free.

One area the app does not do as well with is multimedia use. There are no videos or animations, an area in which the other two apps on this list excel.

Price: Free
Key Points: Best drawing functionality, well designed sharing functionality, great value (can’t beat free)
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