Review of the PerfectServe app for iPhone, iPad, and Android

By: Joseph Sujka MD

PerfectServe is software used by hospitals to easily contact a doctor or other employees simply by saying their name. In my hospital we type ’55’ into any hospital phone, speak the name of the person you want to reach, and it connects you to them, or more commonly their answering service. The iPhone application for PerfectServe is a natural extension of this service. After a brief conversation over the phone with PerfectServe customer service, you can obtain your login information and start using the application. This process seemed strange only because I think our hospital should provide the information when we start. PerfectServe was nothing but professional and fast in giving me my login info.

When you login for the first time you are asked to assign a phone number and preferred method of contact; be that text, phone, or pager. You can also add an office number to your contact. Most importantly, you gain access to the address book of your respective hospital. This is the most important feature of PerfectServe’s application. One of the challenges in any medical field is being able to contact the vast number of doctors, nurses, and other employees you work with. PerfectServe simplifies this with a central database sanctioned by the hospital which follows appropriate levels of HIPPA compliance and security.

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Here’s an example of how I used PerfectServe with one of my patients. On our service we had a very sick patient whom we were requested to see for a G-tube placement. Once we saw and discussed the procedure with the patient, we needed to get in touch with the resident or attending Oncologist who had seen the patient that day. Unfortunately, none of us had the contact information for the resident listed. When I opened the PerfectServe application I was able to immediately text that resident and begin a dialogue about what was right for that very sick patient. In the past, I would have had to page the resident, wait for a response, and then facilitate patient care. In this instance, it all happened over text messaging.


Editor’s note: The screen shots obviously do not include patient information and content, and therefore are left blank

By being able to get in touch easily with another employee at the hospital we were able to facilitate well-organized and prompt patient care.

Another example of how I’ve used PerfectServe is the secure dialing feature of the application. By selecting secure calls and using the keypad, you can dial an outgoing call that does not use your personal cell phone’s number. This gives you the ability to call another employee, family member, or patient without the fear that your number will be called back at all hours of the day.


One of the fears I had when using PerfectServe was that I would be able to be reached any time, day or night, by anyone once my number was in the phone book. To prevent this, PerfectServe’s application has a ‘How I’m reached’ section. Using this section you can create a schedule for how and when you’re reached. Basically, this gives you granular control on how you’re reached and when.

The aesthetics of the PerfectServe application are very basic. It’s not pretty to look at it, but is functional to use. It’s easy to find contacts, read messages, and change how you’re contacted.

Before starting at my current hospital, I hadn’t heard of PerfectServe or what it offered employees of hospitals. Its voice search function in landline phones is useful for getting in contact with fellow physicians and staff, but its mobile phone application is clearly the most useful tool.

It’s very uncommon for me not to be able to get in touch with another hospital employee when I need them. This helps facilitate patient care and ultimately helps patients to heal. If your hospital has PerfectServe, I highly recommend that you download and use the application.

Note: In the FAQ for the application there are references to imaging, videos, patient list, and group messaging; however, my hospital does not support these application features.

  • Price
    • Free
    • Easy to use
    • Loads almost instantly
    • Various ways to get in touch
  • Dislikes
    • Setup process was somewhat unclear
    • Voice search not present as with land lines
  • Overall

    If your hospital has PerfectServe this application is easy to recommend. While setup requires a phone call, it’s well worth the amount of utility this application offers.

    Disclaimer: the author of this post has no financial or personal relationship with PerfectServe

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