Medscape’s Medpulse was released April last year, and in our review, we definitely liked the app. We even listed it as one of the top medical apps released in 2014. It’s a great medical news app that integrates interesting social media features.

Medpulse is one of the most downloaded medical apps for iPhone — with an almost perfect 5/5 star rating in the iTunes App Store.

Unfortunately, not all health providers are able to enjoy the app on their mobile devices.

When you type in “Medscape Medpulse” into Google, one of the top search results is “Why isn’t the Medpulse app available for Android?”

The following is the explanation given by Medscape:

We started developing the MedPulse app on iPhone® and iPad® due to the demand of our large membership base on the Apple platform. Building an Android version of MedPulse is on our roadmap and we are currently working on it. We will incorporate all of the updates and feedback that we’ve encountered with the first app when developing an improved version for the Android platform.

The app was released about 8 months ago, and yet still no Android version. Medscape, a part of WebMD, surely has the resources to create an Android version of the app. But their lack of needing to truly shows how skewed iOS usage is for physicians and other health providers. So while Android app development has bucked the trend over the past few years for general consumers, for health providers it hasn’t.  There are several other examples of this, such as Read by QxMD only recently being made available for Android.

If you want to be reassured that you’re going to get the best medical apps available, you’re still better off getting an iOS device.