5) Kidometer and Pediatric apps

When it comes to outstanding pediatrics apps for family physicians there are many options, but one of the best is Kidometer. Kidometer combines developmental milestones, vaccines, lab values, nutritional information, and critical care apps all into one. The problem is that Kidometer hasn’t been updated in two years and doesn’t do peds medication dosing.

To fill the gaps left by the orphaned Kidometer, I recommend Pedi QuikCalc, Pedi STAT, Shots, and Bilicalc/Bilitool. Although many “adult” drug guides such as Epocrates and Lexi-Comp perform peds medication dosing, none are easier to use at the point of care than Pedi QuikCalc, the best peds dosing app since PediDoser was taken off the app store. When it comes to rapidly finding the proper medication doses and resuscitation gear needed for peds emergencies, the gold standard is Pedi STAT. Simply outstanding for ease of use and functionality when you don’t have a Broselow tape in your hands. There are several immunization apps available, but I find Shots the easiest to use and it is frequently updated throughout the year. For making clinical decisions regarding phototherapy, you can’t go wrong with either Bilicalc or Bilitool; although Bilicalc is not free ($1.99) and Bilitool is only a web app currently.

iMedicalApps Review
Price: $4.99
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Android Link: Not available for Android at this time (however, most of the other apps mentioned in this section have Android alternatives)

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