By Douglas Maurer DO, MPH, FAAFP

The following is a list of 10 essential medical apps that Family Medicine providers should have on their smartphones. Links to iPhone and Android platforms are provided for each app. The apps are listed based on my experiences working as a full scope Family Medicine physician and the app reviews that have been done prior at iMedicalApps.

1) UpToDate or Dynamed

For many of us, especially my residents and fellows, UpToDate is the medical application of choice for answering clinical questions. This app is ideal at the point of care in clinic, on the ward, on the labor deck, during rounds, morning report, anywhere really. It is the most comprehensive app available for primary care and is available as a mobile app for individual and institutional subscribers to UpToDate.

That said, UpToDate isn’t the only choice out there for quick medical reference tools. We recently wrote a piece called, “3 Alternatives to UpToDate“, where we looked at reference apps that hold their own against UpToDate. In particular, we were fans of Dynamed. Although not as comprehensive as UpToDate, Dynamed is one of the most evidence-based apps available. The interface takes some getting used to, but is efficient once you are accustomed. Some studies have even found that Dynamed is more up to date than UpToDate.

Again, see our recent review of alternatives to UpToDate where we look at Dynamed along with a few other apps that are worth considering.

UpToDate Links:
Price: $495/year UpToDate
iMedicalApps Review for UpToDate
iTunes Link
Android Link

Dynamed Links:
Price: $395/year for Dynamed
iTunes Link
Android Link

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