8) PreopEval14

Dr. Joshua Steinberg was active again this past year, creating PreopEval14. This is an update to the beloved PreOpEval, an app we called a must have for any health provider who does preoperative evaluations.

The app uses evidence based guidelines to take you through performing a preoperative evaluation on your patient. Dr. Steinberg should be applauded for the high level of content contained in this app, and the attention to detail when it comes to referencing the material he includes within the app. Other developers should seriously look at his apps as a model for how to create content with proper reference data (the User Interface needs some tweaking, but the content is superb). I’m a bit surprised PreopEval14 is still free, as I can imagine many would pay a few bucks for an app that is so comprehensive.


Price: Free

iPhone / iPad Link
Android: Not currently available