9) Multiple Sclerosis @Point of Care

What if I told you that you can download a free CME app on Multiple Sclerosis that can answer virtually any question you speak to it? That’s right — speak to it using IBM’s Watson. @Point of Care has a series of CME apps on various disease pathologies, and within the past few weeks has updated their Multiple Sclerosis app with IBM’s Watson content discovery engine.

You can now ask the app any question on Multiple Sclerosis and it will use the Watson platform to give you a smart response. It’s like Siri — except a lot smarter.

@Point of Care is planning on implementing IBM’s Watson content discovery engine across their suite of apps in the coming weeks. It will be interesting to see how other medical developers will implement Watson into their own medical apps in the future.  For now though, @Point of Care is leading the way.

Screenshot 2014-12-30 09.30.23

Price: Free

iPhone / iPad Link
Android: Not currently available