With Battery life already being confirmed to be just daily by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, don’t expect that Apple Watch will have the ability to monitor your sleep.

The Pebble watch recently added continuous monitoring, and my testing of it showed steep battery life declines when I tired to use it to monitor sleep.

Whereas my Pebble Watch would only need to charge every 3 to 4 days prior, with continuous activity monitoring on, I was lucky to get more than a day — defeating the purpose of monitoring sleep with the Watch since it required charging.

Most likely you will need to charge your Apple Watch daily, and consider using one of a host of other wearables that can help monitor sleep.

apple watch sleep

Sleep monitoring is a feature to be taken seriously with the industry surrounding it to eclipse over 100 million in the next few years. Maybe more importantly, there is seriously consumer interest as well, with the highest funded health device on Kickstarter being a sleep monitoring one — raking in well over 2 million in funding.

I doubt Apple Watch will be able to track sleep in years to come unless there are significant battery advancements. Apple has never been one to sacrifice form factor (bigger battery) in order to add features — and this track record alone should hint that sleep monitoring won’t be a feature coming anytime soon to Apple Watch.

Wearables would be smart to capitalize on this by offering devices that feature sleep monitoring in innovative methods, along with other basic health metrics as well.  There are already several sleep apps available for iOS and Android right now.