CardioSmart Explorer

IMG_0013Continuing on our theme of apps for patient communication, this app from the American College of Cardiology (ACC) includes a combination of animations, short videos, and interactive images oriented to specific discussions that cardiologists have with their patients.

For example, there is an interactive tool that lets you swipe an animation of a PCI being performed on a stenosed artery. Another interactive image of the coronary anatomy lets cardiologists easily mark where lesions were found and also do free form drawings to, for example, mark where a bypass graft was inserted or a stent placed. These images can be shared with patients via email.

Also included are animations like the erratic atrial signals of atrial fibrillation or a prolapsing mitral valve, designed to playing while a cardiologist is explaining the pathology to their patient. Finally, there are videos around a variety of topics like CRT-D therapy or morbidity associated with atrial fibrillation, though not all of them are narrated.

Unfortunately, the animations and videos can’t be shared, intended primarily to facilitate discussions instead. Particularly for ACC members, this is an outstanding app to help improve how cardiologists communicate about complex issues with their patients.

Price: $3.99, for American College of Cardiology Members
Platforms: iPad
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Download: iTunes