Health App Review of Blood Donor by American Red Cross

The American Red Cross has ramped up its collection of mobile apps with the addition of its new, one-of-a-kind, blood donor app. The app is essentially modeled after The American Red Cross blood donation website. The app has streamlined the process of donating blood by allowing donors to locate nearby blood drives or to schedule appointments at donation centers at their convenience, while adding a fun, interactive, social media-esque twist to donating.


It’s a solution to our over dependence on getting blood from those who stumble upon blood drives the day of. In addition to improving donation efficiency, the app has the potential to be highly useful in the setting of a disaster. Through the app the American Red Cross has the capability to send push notifications alerting the public of blood shortages. In this context, the app complements the current compilation of Red Cross natural disaster apps, which have been discussed in a prior iMedicalApps article – How the Red Cross is using mobile apps to improve public health. This article will focus on how to effectively use the blood donor app and its implications from a public health standpoint.

User Interface

After you sign up with your email account and create a password on the initial screen, you are taken to a home screen that includes some general information like blood types and the amount of total units donated. From this screen you can easily select “schedule appointment” or click on the calendar icon on the top right to make an appointment based on the following preferences: date, time, donation type, location, and sponsor code (unique code for a specific organizational blood drive).


You have the option to view the locations in either list or map form.


Once you confirm the location and available time slot, you are given the option to save the date and time to your calendar. You can share your donation status and recruit friends and family via text message or email.