I love when I update my apps and, in addition to the needed “bug fixes,” the creators advertise “Several New Features.” I reviewed Psych on Demand, a psychiatry app that tries to facilitate qualitative questionnaires, back in March. The end message was the application was a great beginning solution to a major challenge for primary care providers and psychiatrists trying to use technology for psychiatric based complaints.


One of my suggestions was to use the guided access feature of the iPhone to assist with patients being able to fill out the forms without providers clicking and asking the questions themselves. This month, the creators offered “our biggest update yet.” Which included several new questionnaires as well as the suggestion to use guided access.

Now when you enter guided access the app automatically transitions to a questionnaire only screen that cannot be left without unlocking the phone.


If you have a patient you would like to screen for depression using the PHQ-9 form, you can pick that questionnaire and then enter guided access mode by clicking the home button three times. Once you circle the two buttons on the upper right and left corners of the app the guided access mode blocks the user from moving away from the questionnaire screen. Additionally, the app displays a message for the patient to “Please notify the test administrator when you are finished.”

Once the patient has completed the survey the administrator can unlock by triple clicking the home button and entering their passcode. They will then be directed to the survey results with interpretation already completed.

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    • $1.99
    • Updates that improve upon an already well made app
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    • Keep up the good work
  • Overall

    An already excellent app just got better and is a definitely must have for primary care and psychiatric providers.

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