Many of my physician colleagues have been coming up to me and asking the following questions:

“What size iPhone should I get”?

“Will the iPhone 6 Plus fit in my white coat?”

“Are you SURE the iPhone 6 Plus will fit in my white coat?”

We’ll get into whether you should consider the iPhone 6 versus the iPhone 6 Plus later, but I decided to answer the “fit” question definitely.

I looked at the specs of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, cut them out, and then tried fitting them into various white coats I have. I was surprised by the results.

iphone 6 plus experiment

First off — both phones easily fit in your lower two pockets of your white coat. But many, including me, store their phone in the breast pocket of a white coat, and need to make sure the phones would fit there.

The iPhone 6 easily fits into the two different white coats I tried it in:

iphone 6 fit

The iPhone 6 Plus was a different story though. The width of the phone is fine — but the length can be an issue. In the following two pictures you’ll see the notecard I made of the iPhone 6 plus in the respective white coats. In the smaller pocket, the hospital issued standard white coat — you can see the iPhone 6 Plus awkwardly juts out. While in the larger pocket (second picture below) it’s not as apparent — but still there.

iphone 6 plus white coat

iphone 6 plus white coat

This is all a moot point if you don’t store your iPhone in the breast pocket of your white coat, but many do, and if that’s a must, you should consider the iPhone 6 instead — or get larger pockets.