By: Saif Usman MD

The CDC Vaccine Schedules app was developed by the CDC using Advisory Committee on Immunization (ACIP) recommended child, adolescent and adult immunization schedules. Apart from the regular schedule it also contains catch-up schedules for 4 months thru 18 years of age, vaccine contraindications and precautions.  My personal favorite is the ability to lookup recommended adult vaccines based on conditions such as pregnancy, diabetes, HIV etc. Add in automatic updates, clear references, links back to the CDC website — and this looks like an excellent app.

User Interface

When you start the app the CDC Vaccine Schedules logo is displayed momentarily and then it opens directly to the main menu which consists of six large icons and a small information icon in the left upper corner. Clicking the information icon brings you to a list of tabs about the CDC, disclaimer, privacy policy and how to contact the CDC with any questions or issues. image02 In the main tabs, clicking on either the child or adolescent tabs will bring you to an easy-to-read table of recommended vaccines. Clicking any of the vaccines in the left hand column brings up specific vaccine information such as minimum age, routine and catch-up information and special population information. At the bottom of the screen are further tabs for different age groups and a tab for resource information. In the upper left corner is a home button to take you straight back to the main menu and on the upper right corner is a color key, similar to the paper form of the immunization schedules. At the bottom of every table there is an ‘accessible vaccine schedule’ link which takes you directly to the CDC websites complete vaccine schedule and footnotes. image06 image07 The catch-up schedule tab has a similar theme but it is not color coded and it has tabs at the top of the screen for the different doses and intervals. So, for example, if a 6 month old shows up who missed his 4 month vaccinations you can click on the catch-up schedule tab and look at the dose 1-2 vaccines for what he would be due today and then click on the dose 2-3 tab to see when he would have to come back for the next shots. image00 image05 The adult tab brings you to the adult vaccination schedule. Again there is a home button on the top left and a key on the top right of the screen that explains the color scheme. You can view the vaccinations by either condition or age by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the screen which is very useful. There are tabs for different age ranges at the top of the screen which brings up their corresponding recommended vaccinations, another very useful feature. image08 The conditions tab brings up vaccine recommendations by various diseases. This tab can be accessed from the main menu screen or from within the adult vaccines tab. image01 The last tab is the contraindications tab which lists various vaccines and their contraindications. Needless to say, this is yet another great feature to have at your fingertips rather than having to look them up individually. image03 One important thing to point out is the resources tab. It’s at the bottom right corner in each of the 6 main tabs and it is packed with additional information such as vaccine administration, storage and handling, travelers information and resources to help vaccinate adults, to name a few. Clicking any of these sub-tabs takes you to the corresponding CDC web page and is quick, easy to use and another great tool to have readily accessible. image04 Evidence and literature used to support the app

  • The app is developed by the CDC using ACIP immunization recommendations. Clicking on any of the resource links takes you to the corresponding CDC website page where pdf files and further references are available. The vaccine schedules also update every time you open the app and are connected to the internet so its always current.

Healthcare providers that would benefit from this app

  • Physicians, residents, medical students, physician assistants, nurse practitioners–In general the people who would benefit the most from this app would be Family medicine physicians, Internal medicine physicians, Pediatricians, Primary care physicians, residents, medical students and physician assistants and nurse practitioners in the primary care field.
  • Price
    • Free
    • Free
    • Developed by a reputable institution
    • Clear, easily accessible information that is in an easy to read format
    • Very detailed and well organized
    • Automatic updates
    • Available for Android and iOS platforms
  • Dislikes
    • Requires internet connection to access references from CDC website. *App itself doesn’t require internet connection to use. 
  • Overall
    • Overall this app is fantastic and I think the CDC really hit it out of the park with this one. They have taken a somewhat tedious task of learning and staying current with the multitude of vaccines and their indications and contraindications and have made it extremely easy.
    • It’s quick, extremely well organized but at the same time detailed and extensive and its developed by a reputable institution like the CDC. Any clinician who may be recommending or prescribing vaccines should have this app. Best of all, it automatically updates the recommendations so you are always current.
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