The industry-physician relationship is a controversial and delicate aspect of healthcare.

The field of orthopaedics utilizes many tools, technologies, and products provided by industry. It is the responsibility of the physician to review these products thoroughly and seek an unbiased understanding that these products are indicated for a certain patient condition. In order to deliver the highest care possible, orthopaedic surgeons must be aware of the available resources and understand how to use these technologies.

Arthrex Incorporated is a medical device company that provides a wide array of products to orthopaedic specialists. Their new app has a wealth of information and efficient app layout that makes finding necessary information an easy task for orthopaedic surgeons. This is a great resource for physicians that want to learn more about Arthrex products.

User Interface

The app opens for the first time asking for login details. The app is designed for medical specialists and they require some basic information to tailor the content to the user.


Once the login is complete, the app opens to the resource page. The information is in a list format. The list can seem rather overwhelming as it spans everything from 510K documents and product brochure to technique guides and instructional videos.


At the top of the resource page, the user has the option to Filter results by Resource Type. There are numerous types of information to chose from including videos, guides, newsletters, tutorials, and more.


Similarly, the user can sort information by title, date, or file size. I usually use the date feature to have the most up-to-date content listed first. The search function is very good for returning all available information related to a topic.


If these methods of finding specific information are not sufficient, the user can open the left pull out tab and use the Resources tab to browse content by body region or product line.


Selecting one of these options opens up even more options for browsing content by either Product Group or Product Category.

fci7kThe Body Regions are even searched by Procedure type or Product type.


Once the search options have been selected, the user can scroll through a more focused list of products to find the informational PDF, video, or guides for those Arthrex products. This app is a very comprehensive resource covering a wide array of Arthrex products.


The app goes beyond just explaining the products and also has several instructional videos, tutorials, and presentations by orthopaedics surgeons. The videos are high quality and load quickly on a mobile device. These videos can be a great resource for learning about other orthopaedic surgeons’ experiences, techniques, and results with these products.

There are several options for downloading content and saving information to a Favorites folder under the user profile. Throughout using this app, the user must keep in mind the source of this information. However, with that understanding, the content can be extremely useful in learning more about Arthrex products.

Healthcare workers that would benefit from the app
Any healthcare worker working with Arthrex products.

Disclosures: I have no conflicts associated with Arthrex, but I have used Arthrex products and attended courses at an Arthrex center to become more familiar with their products.