When Apple announced HealthKit a few months ago, I wrote how the relationship they were forging with Epic — the electronic medical record that covers a majority of the US patient population — had the potential to be a game changer.

Epic’s MyChart app enables patients to communicate with their physicians, schedule appointments, and view their lab results.  Although it doesn’t have a sophisticated input scheme built in, it does provide the all important bridge from patient portal to the chart your physician views.

I mentioned how it would be transformative if Apple was able to link HealthKit directly to Epic’s MyChart, so a patient’s bluetooth blood pressure cuff  would automatically send the data to their Epic Chart.

Reuters is reporting this is exactly what appears to be happening. Apple is currently trying to navigate the legal minefield of personal health tracking to bring the collection of health metrics to a large population based level.

Further, Allscripts, another EMR, is reported to be in play for a similar type of integration.

Source: Reuters