The physical exam is especially important to orthopaedic specialists. There are numerous eponyms and unique maneuvers that complicate the understanding of the orthopaedic exam. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) has attempted to clarify the intricacies of common physical exam maneuvers with a series of mobile apps. This review follows a previous review on the AAOS physical exam of the shoulder and focuses on the exam of the knee.

The application is produced by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. The AAOS is one of the largest and most trusted medical specialty societies in the Unites States. The AAOS has a long tradition of producing quality educational content. They were one of the first specialty societies to use mobile technology as a means for member education.

User Interface

The app opens with a disclaimer, credits, and then a list of exam sections on the main menu. The sections include: inspection, palpation, muscle testing, range of motion, and special tests.


Selecting any topic heading from the list takes you to more information. The Special Tests tab has several good maneuvers including pivot-shift, anterior/posterior drawer, McMurray, Ober’s test and eight other common tests. The inspection/palpation tab covers basic exam topics.


Selecting a maneuver reveals a short description of the exam maneuver with associated references. The content in these descriptions is referenced well with many up-to-date articles on the topic.


Additionally, most maneuvers have the listed specificity and sensitivity in the description section which helps in the understanding of the clinical utility of that exam.


In the upper right corner is a tab that connects to the exam video. Every exam topic has an associated video of the physical exam maneuver. The quality of the video and audio is good but short and without demonstrations of pathology.


Similarly, there are no pictures or diagrams to enhance the explanations of the exam maneuvers. The app covers most of the common exam tests and is ideal for the beginner or intermediate healthcare professional learning to perform the knee exam. There would be utility for review or consolidating the information in a single app for the more experienced clinician.

Healthcare workers that would benefit from the app

Any healthcare worker who has a role in performing orthopaedic knee exam maneuvers.


  • Price
    • $8.99
  • Short, to the point, explanations of exam maneuvers with references.
    Good quality videos demonstrating exam techniques.

  • Dislikes

    No images or diagrams of the exam maneuvers.
    No search function.

  • Overall

    This application is easy to use, delivers well on its intended purpose, and covers several common exam maneuvers in orthopaedics. There is slightly more content in this app compared to the similar AAOS shoulder app. The app design is simple and straightforward., however, the amount of content is limited and could be enhanced with images and diagrams of techniques. Having the information consolidated into one location with this app will be beneficial to some practitioners. E.g. currently AAOS has multiple apps for multiple body parts, it would make sense for them to put their Shoulder, Knee, and Spine apps into one consolidated app.

  • Overall Score
  • User Interface

    The information is presented in a list format interface that is easy to navigate. With a few clicks, the user can navigate to topics of interest and view the associated video example.

  • Multimedia Usage

    The videos are good quality but could be enhanced with pathologic videos or positive findings. Similarly, images and diagrams would improve teaching the exam maneuvers.

  • Price

    The application is not cheap, but not expensive when taking into account the multimedia content included and the quality of content.

  • Real World Applicability

    This is a good application for quick review of common shoulder maneuvers, practical to use in practice.

  • Device Used For Review

    iPhone 5

  • Available for DownloadiPhone