The Veterans Affairs Department (VA) has awarded Agilex a one year $16.1 million dollar contract to develop a mobile application for viewing radiological images on desktops and mobile devices. The Agilex solution will be built upon Calgary Scientific’s Resolution MD. iMedicalApps has previously written about ResolutionMD.

Clinicians will be able to use the visualization and workflow tools on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

The application will accelerate and improve diagnosis and treatment and help cut costs. Images will be more widely and easily accessible.

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According to Agilex, their solution should also strengthen and expand telehealth options. “VA is a leader in the use of mHealth technologies to connect patients and health care services anywhere, changing the traditional facility-based healthcare model,” said Dr. Wyatt Smith, vice president of health care strategies for Agilex. “By applying this same model for clinicians, diagnostic images will become more readily accessible, improving clinician efficiency and care quality.”

The ResolutionMD solution has been FDA approved. It shall be directly integrated with the VA’s VistA clinical systems and the VA Mobile Framework.

Source: Washington Technology