InTouchHealth has received FDA clearance for its CS app. This app enables mobile devices to support a digital stethoscope component of the company’s Vita Remote Presence telemedicine platform. Mainly designed for tele-ICU, the app allows doctors to assess heart and lung sounds in real time in acute-care settings.

InTouchHealth collaborated with RNK Products, maker of electronic stethoscopes, to tweak their telemedicine platform. Yair Lurie, product manager at InTouchHealth, explained to MedCityNews that its stethoscope differs from other company models due to its Class 2 medical device clearance from the FDA.


It has a separate microphone from the physician and a microchip built into the stethoscope. An API was developed by RNK to capture and integrate data from the stethoscope into InTouchHealth’s own software protocols.

The goal of the collaboration with RNK is to ensure high quality sound is delivered by the stethoscope in order for physicians to be able to interpret the most subtle of chest and lung sounds. This allows them to make assessments and diagnoses with increased accuracy.

The stethoscope is the only one RNK has created with another company to be classified as a Class 2 medical device. “We are the only ones that have gone through the regulatory requirements so that our platform can be used in an acute-care environment” says Lurie.

The CS app is available on the Apple App Store for the iPad.

Source: MedCityNews