Ob Calc Pro (Obstetrician)

This is an app developed by In Pocket Solutions. It calculates gestational age via the following methods:

  • Last Menstrual Period (LMP)
  • Expected Delivery Date (EDC)
  • Sonogram Date and Age (Sonogram)
  • Crown Rump Length (CRL)

Additional features built into the app include NT Serum, NT Ultrasound and AFP test date windows. Also, Ob Calc Pro has an interesting feature that lets users automatically take a screenshot of the app and share it with others.

Price: $1.99

Google Play

Screenshot_2014-04-30-23-47-47 Screenshot_2014-04-30-23-47-14


All three apps are similar as to what they allow users to calculate.  However, Obstetrics (+ Pregnancy Wheel) stood out for its user interface and provides additional supplemental information that could be useful as well.