Blip Blood Pressure Cuff

BlipBefore Blipcare released their blood pressure cuff, we had the opportunity to do a hands-on review. While Blip BP does not have the aesthetics of the Withings and iHealth devices, its unique approach capturing data gives it a definite niche in this space.

Blip BP is a WiFi enabled device – no smartphone pairing. Basically, set it up once with up to 3 SSIDs and 2 users and then use it like any other basic automated BP cuff. The device transfers data to the cloud whenever its on network. As we noted in our review, this works beautifully for folks who are not all that comfortable with their mobile devices or have clung to their old flip phones. Once the initial setup is done (perhaps with the aid of a more tech savvy friend or family member) the device is ready to be used.

  • CompatibilityiOS, Android, Windows
  • Native App: Yes, Blipcare (Android only). Otherwise access data through HealthVault.
  • Third-Party Integration: Yes but with HealthVault only
  • FDA Cleared: Yes
  • Validated: Unable to verify
  • Cuff Information: Not available on website. Based on the FDA 510(k) clearance document, it is limited to 9-13 inch cuff circumference (~22cm – 32cm).
  • Multiple Users: Up to 2 users
  • Price: $159.99

Find more information on the Blip BP here.