iHealth BP5

iHealthAnother early entrant into the arena of smartphone-connected blood pressure cuffs was one from iHealth. The BP5 is a fully wireless blood pressure cuff, an update to their prior model that required a connection to a smartphone or tablet via a docking station. This device works exclusively through Bluetooth pairing of the cuff with a smartphone or tablet. Unlike the Withings device, the BP5 initiates measurements by pressing a button on the cuff itself. An advantage here is that the device can take offline blood pressure measurements which can then be later downloaded when the cuff is within range of the paired smartphone.

  • Compatibility: iOS and select Android devices (list here)
  • Native App: Yes, iHealth MyVitals
  • Third-Party Integration: A more limited selection than with the Withings BP Monitor. The full list is here but there are a few notable differences from Withings including integration with Evernote as well as cloud-based EHRs Practice Fusion and Dr. Chrono.
  • FDA Cleared: Yes
  • Validated: Yes
  • Cuff Information: Regular cuff size fits arm circumferences 22 – 42 cm. However, also has a large cuff size available on request.
  • Multiple Users: Allowed with no specified limit on total number.
  • Price: $99.95

Find more information about the iHealth BP5 monitor here.