Nikola Hu, former Apple and Halo game engineer, along with Meng Li and Tony Yuan were struggling to get results from their workouts so they decided to create Moov, a fitness tracker that’s also a fitness coach.

Moov utilizes 9-axis sensors and software algorithms to pinpoint the exact movements of your body. It can be worn on different parts of the body including the ankle and wrist depending on what information is wanted. Moov provides live feedback during your workout, “I see it as my AI coach who not only tracks my moves, but works out with me in real-time–watches out for me on how to avoid injuries, whispers to me the secrets of losing weight while I do cardio, yells at me when I cheat, and encourages me to beat the pros” says Li.

So far, the activities Moov can be used for include golfing, swimming, running, body weight training, yoga and cardio boxing. The Moov app can speak to the user as they work out to provide advice on how they should alter their form in order to get the most out of their workout and prevent injury. For example, while running Moov will advise the user on whether to shorten or lengthen their stride and whether they should try to land softer.

Moov is conducting their own crowdfunding campaign in order to raise $40,000 which would allow them to ship about 650 units. The Moov band can currently be pre-ordered for a reduced price of $69.95 from the Moov website. Its developers plan to release the device during the fall of this year.

Source: Techcrunch