Yes — you read that right. Poop…MD. This app was created by Dr. Douglas Mogul, who is an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins in Pediatric Gastroenterology. The app enables new parents to take pictures of their newborns poop, have the app analyze it and then get results as to whether or not their child’s bowel movement is normal or not. To many this might seem silly — but in my time in the Peds ER, I’ve definitely had parents come in because they were concerned about the color of their child’s stool. I don’t think this app will be crushing it from a public health standpoint, but I had to mention it because it does serve as a good educational tool for new parents, and some of the finer parts of the app give details to parents about how stool colors can change, such as based on different types of milk consumed. Price: Free iTunes Link  2014-04-30 00.33.21 2014-04-30 00.33.27 2014-04-30 00.33.55

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