WUSM OB Insulin

This is a quick reference calculator for figuring out insulin dosing; the screen shots explain the app pretty well. The reference section within the app is definitely appreciated. iTunes Link  Price: Free
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This is the third app in the compendium. It is a simple calculator app for L & D that contains 5 simple OB calculators. iTunes Link Price: Free 2014-04-30 00.30.592014-04-30 00.31.06


Last year we mentioned 11 essential free resources for #FOAMed, and I’m happy to see how the movement is continuing to gain traction. FOAM stands for Free Open Access Medication.  Basically, it’s a collection of physicians who are changing the way their peers are consuming medical content. Read the post we wrote about FOAM to learn more about the movement. TweetED is an app that collects the various twitter feeds and content and puts it all together. The app has a nice feature that shows you how popular a particular tweet is, but my biggest issue with the app is that it doesn’t have a built in browser. Most of the #FOAM tweets link out to pictures or a quick summary article, and you have to open those up with Safari, instead of being able to view the article within the app. The app is a nice work in progress, and I’m hoping the developers will improve upon it in upcoming iterations. iTunes Link Price: Free 2014-04-30 00.28.33 2014-04-30 00.27.16 2014-04-30 00.27.23