As I mentioned in my previous review, the field of Radiology has a large number of high quality medical apps. Among the categories of DIACOM apps, journal apps, and radiology learning apps — Diagnostic Radiology strives to perfect the textbook style introductory application.

The app has seven chapters including a general introduction.

pic 1
The chapters are navigated via pages that have a combination of text and images–simple enough. However, as you can see in the following images, the application really empowers the reader with functions not possible in paper texts. A few highlights include the photos and text view which can be altered based on user preference and the text is fully searchable via a moveable widget.

pic 2 Pic 3
Additionally, the image annotations can be viewed or hidden, and you can easily reference the chapter outline at any time.

Pic 4Pic 5Pic 6
The multimedia is superb. The high quality images include both traditional radiographs and thin cut CT images that are easily zoom-able. I also appreciate the robust full text search adding both images and text dynamically as you enter your search.

Pic 7


  • $ 35.99


  • Off the charts functionality
  • Text style learning


  • A reduced price for buying both the chest and abdomen primer


Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • Medical students, residents, mid-level providers, and career physicians wanting a usable textbook reference.


  • Great app. Powerful, user friendly. As of publish, there is no Android version available.

Type of Device used to review app–iPhone 5 and iPad with retina display.

iTunes Link

Rating: 5 Stars- a textbook in an app
1. User Interface: 5 stars- easy
2. Multimedia usage: 5 stars- advantageous use of many iPad functions
3. Price: 5 stars- it would be great to see a discount on the counterpart abdomen app if you buy both since the price climbs quickly when combined
4. Real world applicability: 5 stars- chest imaging is ubiquitous

This post does not establish, nor is it intended to establish, a patient physician relationship with anyone. It does not substitute for professional advice, and does not substitute for an in-person evaluation with your healthcare provider. It does not provide the definitive statement on the subject addressed. Before using these apps please consult with your own physician or healthcare provider.