A proper eye exam performed by Physicians requires the use of several testing tools that physicians often don’t carry with them.

The idea behind the Pocket Eye Exam app is a mobile tool that would replace the need of carrying physical visual acuity charts with you.  The app developers state it was made and tested by Biomedical Engineering undergraduates and Neurologists at the University of Virginia.

User Interface

Upon launch, we are greeted by a disclaimer which is something that most medical apps should have but developers often neglect to include.

At first glance, the user interface looks a bit too plain. A simple listing with a black background acts as the main screen.

Pocket Eye Exam includes an OKN strip, pupil chart, Snellen chart, red desaturation test, and Ishihara plates. There is an educational section for each of the tests which provides added value to this app as everything is explained in detail and in a clear manner.

At the time of writing this article some features haven’t been fully implemented such as the educational info on the Pupil Chart–instead we see a filler screen. This is an odd call on the developer’s part as a screen explicitly stating this is not done yet draws more attention than its absence.

Screenshot_2014-02-16-19-32-31 Screenshot_2014-02-16-19-32-51 Screenshot_2014-02-16-19-35-13 Screenshot_2014-02-16-19-36-49 Screenshot_2014-02-16-19-37-07

pocket eye1 pocket eye2 pocket eye3

Evidence and literature used to support app

  • Unfortunately, the app makes no reference to its source material.

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • Physicians in general, primary care practitioners, medical students, ophthalmologists, neurologists, optometrists.


  • $1.99


  • Nice array of tests
  • Good educational value


  • User Interface could look nicer
  • Some sections are not yet fully developed


  • Pocket Eye Exam is a good app that lets you carry around visual acuity tests in addition to other tests.
  • Having all visual charts with you is really handy but there are other free apps such as Visual Acuity Test or Color Blindness Test that fulfill the same role.

Type of device used to review app – Moto X
App version – 1.02

Google Play Link

Rating: (1 to 5 stars): 3/5

  • User interface – 2. It does the job but could look nicer
  • Multimedia usage – 3. Tests are good
  • Price – 2. Although content is useful there are plenty of free apps that work just as well
  • Real world applicability -3. Good app for physicians in general