Many clinicians turn to their mobile device as a clinical reference on a daily basis. KDIGO (Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes) is an independently incorporated non-profit foundation dedicated to delivering clinical practice guidelines in nephrology worldwide. They have recently created an app that takes their guidelines and transforms them into a digital format for practitioners to easily access.

Here, KDIGO partnered with Visible Health, Inc, known for the DrawMD series to develop an app to make their guidelines more accessible.


The app opens up to a Home screen where the user can select several different options, including guidelines, digital resources, and the online community.

IMG_0840The main focus is on displaying KDIGO guidelines, and each guideline has been structured into a digital format. A nice feature is that each guideline has quick info about its release date and what it encompasses.

IMG_0842 (1)
Selecting a guideline brings the user to essentially an e-document, with the ability to zoom in, jump to pertinent sections (chapters and references), add personal notes and bookmark favorite sections.


IMG_0862The app also allows the user to leave their comments/annotations and thoughts for later reference.

IMG_0846 (1)

The resource section has documents related to KDIGO conference proceedings and reports.

IMG_0847 (1)
Additionally, the app incorporates a section to communicate with other providers in the app about the guidelines.


  • Free


  • The app is easy to navigate and serves the purpose needed to access KDIGO guidelines
  • Ability to comment and annotate for future reference is easy and beneficial for those that utilize the guidelines


  • Incorporation of hyperlinks/online references would be advantageous, such as in the reference section
  • Social media integration would be of use especially with the community feature

Health Professionals that will benefit from the App

  • Those that already utilize KDIGO as a reference in practice or those looking for easily accessible nephrology guidelines.


  • KDIGO Mobile offers an intuitively easily navigable app that helps clinicians access guidelines on the go
  • The app may serve as a model for other organizations that are looking to make their own guidelines mobile
  • The app should incorporate more social media functions, and engage users through online content accessed directly through the guidelines (for example, pulling up references in PubMed)

iTunes Link

Rating: 4.25 Stars

  1. User Interface: 5 – App is very easy to navigate and use
  2. Multimedia Usage: 3 – More could be integrated such as tying guidelines with online resources
  3. Price – 5
  4. Real World Applicability: 4 – App will be very beneficial for those looking for nephrology guidelines

Device Used–iPad Mini 2
App Version–1.0.161

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