iMedicalApps has become a respected and valuable resource for the medical community over the past several years. A big part of our success is that we work with a group of actively practicing health professionals at various stages in their careers who are passionate about mobile health technology.

For many of us, our work at iMedicalApps happens in our “free time” after long days in the clinic or on the wards. That clinical experience, we believe, is critical to making our writing relevant to our peers.

Over the coming months, you’ll see a focused expansion of the iMedicalApps team in specific disciplines and specialties. And we’ll be looking for a wide range of healthcare professionals.

To start, we are looking for a pediatrician to join our team. From apps directed at parents to help promote the health of their children to emerging SMS based platforms to promote medication adherence among adolescents, the use of mobile health technology is rapidly growing in pediatric practice.

We are looking for a healthcare professional with a clinical background in pediatrics who can commit to working with iMedicalApps for at least one year and contribute at least one article per week. Residents, fellows and practicing physicians/physician assistants/nurse practitioners are all welcome to apply. If you’re interested, fill out the form here by March 22nd and we’ll be in touch.