Our research team at iMedicalApps has gone through the hundreds of medical applications that were released for the iPhone in January 2014 and we have found 20 apps our readers should know about. I have used each of these applications in the past few weeks.

Based on my experiences with them, I divided the apps into two categories, my favorite top 10, and then an honorable mentions category. There were clearly ten medical applications that stood out, while the other ten still deserve a look.

One of the most exciting things about the apps in our top 10 list is how 6 of them are original apps. I use this term to describe apps created by medical professionals using their own content. These types of apps aren’t developed by the help of large publishing companies. Rather, they were created by a physician or provider who believed enough in an idea to transform it into a medical app for the masses to utilize.

Top 10 Medical Apps Released In January 2014

1) Eye Emergency Manual

This free application is the best medical app that was released in the month of January. It’s a medical app designed to be used by medical professionals in Emergency Departments across New South Wales — but I found it to be an impressive reference tool any clinician across the world could potentially use.

When you open up the app you are hit with a large disclaimer, basically saying the app has not undergone a formal process of evidence based review. However, once you go through the various algorithms in the app, you are able to see the ingenuity of the app and how useful it can be.

There are three main algorithms — trauma, acute red eye, and sudden vision loss. Once you click through those you are led to other decision trees. In my video review, you’ll see the decision tree I go through for a hypothetical patient who presents with an acute red eye that is painful. The application has numerous pictures, and it even has a section that shows you how to use a slit-lamp.

Eye Emergency Manual is not only useful for an Emergency Provider, but also for primary care physicians who see their fair share of eye pathology.

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