Higi has announced that they will become the sole provider of health stations in Rite Aid’s nationwide.

Deployment of about 4100 higi stations will begin in the second quarter in of 2014.

Rite Aid customers and associates will be able to measure their weight, BMI, pulse and blood pressure using the higi stations. They will also be able to securely upload and save this information to private higi online accounts.

Users will be provided with higi scores — a  higi measurement that aims to positively recognize a user’s increased engagement with their health.

We are very excited to be expanding higi on a national level through this new relationship with Rite Aid,” says Jim Farrell, President of higi. “Our primary goal is to help people take an active role in their personal health and well-being. Now Rite Aid customers and associates nationwide will be able to measure their personal body data through the higi Station and integrate that information into their lifestyle – allowing users to engage in their health in convenient and rewarding ways.

Higi users can use both the higi website and app to access wellness-related content and activity tracking tools as well as the data the health metrics they capture at higi stations.

The purpose of the stations is to encourage people to approach personal health from a wider perspective, by focusing on lifestyle choices, community interactions and standard aspects such as diet and exercise.

Source: Marketwatch