iMedicalApps strives to deliver quality review of mobile medical apps, news, and commentaries related to the role mobile devices are playing in the practice of medicine on a daily basis. We were recently invited to contribute a piece to the International Journal of Clinical Practice (IJCP) on how clinicians can find and apply medical apps to their practice based upon our experience.

In the latest issue of IJCP, we shared our perspective in a piece titled, How to identify, assess and utilise mobile medical applications in clinical practice. The publication is essentially a guide for medical professionals looking to utilize their personal mobile devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet computer) in clinical practice.

The article emphasizes the growing utility of mobile medical apps and the multiple functions they can fulfill in clinical practice. Further emphasis is placed on commonly used terms and definitions relating to mobile devices, along with an explanation of mobile medical apps in general.

The article then explains the current system of mobile app stores, demonstrating the strengths and inherent weaknesses of searching for medical apps on online stores such as iTunes and Google Play. Moving beyond mobile stores, the article explains multiple other ways to identify apps that they can use, through the use of social media, blogs, news, and the literature. The article also addresses the rising concern of the quality of mobile apps, due to numerous studies identifying their shortfalls, and explaining steps to take to evaluate apps for quality and safety.

Lastly, the paper goes on to explain how to maintain a mobile device as a clinical tool, taking into account hygiene, device navigation, and account maintenance. In addition, implementation of the device is also addressed with an emphasis on e-professionalism and patient interaction.

Overall, we feel that the paper will be a beneficial introductory piece for those looking to utilize their mobile devices in clinical practice, and have been looking for a way to get started.