The latest update for the fitbit app turns the iPhone 5S into a fitness tracker without the need for any extra hardware. Fitbit utilizes the iPhone 5s’ M7 co-processor in order to allow the user to track basic activity. This activity includes miles traveled, calories burned and active minutes.

Though useful, the new features added to the Fitbit app do not make up for the features included in the impressive Fitbit wristband.

Using the wristband allows for more tailored activity tracking and also lets users monitor and manage their sleep.

The new features included in the app are a great way for those hesitant about investing in an activity tracking wristband such as Fitbit’s Force or Nike’s Fuelband to experience some of the benefits of owning a wristband.

They provide a sneak peak into how the data gathered by these devices can help them monitor and manage their activity.

Activity tracking wristbands are becoming more powerful due to the types of data they are able to gather. Because they are worn continuously, they can collect better and more accurate data than smartphones – assuming they are actually worn continuously.

Apple’s M7 chip in the iPhone 5s might eventually change that. However, at least right now, it’s hard to see a smartphone app replacing the need for owning a wristband for those who want to meticulously track their fitness. With that said, there are also some other great apps in the market such as Runkeeper for those interested in basic features such as monitoring distance covered and calories burned.

The Fitbit app is available for free on App Store.

Source: Apple App Store