2014-02-05 12.17.03EM:RAP is a podcast heard by over 18,000 Emergency Medicine health care professionals — and is the most well known Podcast amongst the Emergency Provider community.  So it’s big news they have launched their own iPhone app.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of EM:RAP — I find their monthly podcast to be a must listen and the quality of content is tremendous.

But I have to be honest — I’m a bit disappointed in the app.

The app basically enables you to listen to the podcasts as you would using Apple’s Podcast app, and doesn’t offer significant functionality above this.  You can already use your subscription with the native Apple podcast app.  It does enable you to listen chapter by chapter, but again, this is something you can already do with Apple’s native Podcast app.

I was hoping the EM:RAP app would sync with the very functional EM:RAP website — and enable you to place comments on the podcasts as you can on the website. Further, I was hoping they would at least put the EM:RAP monthly summary PDFs into the app.

I’m hoping this initial launch of the app is more of a beta version.  Two features I hope they are planning to add is the commenting ability (there are vibrant comment threads on the EM:RAP website), and the PDF download feature.

Link: iTunes

Website for EMRAP