A recent survey of 2,000 adults by the Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll found that many patients would share their personal data with insurers for rewards. This includes data regarding their lifestyles and medical tests (e.g. blood pressure, genetic tests) they undergo. In recognition for their endeavors for better personal health management, they would want lower premiums or potential rewards.

While many insurers have been exploring the use of programs and identification of mobile applications to help their members live better lives, this information may bridge the gap to actual meaningful utilization.

However, while the survey demonstrated patients were willing to undergo tests and questionnaires for financial reimbursement or reduction in premiums, they were less likely to utilize patient diaries or track daily diet.

This comes back to the notion of how to utilize mobile medical applications and associated healthcare oriented apps in the management of patients. Patients may be more likely to comply and utilize these apps if their caregivers prescribe these apps in collaboration with insurance programs, under the stance that by doing so they may be rewarded. While the survey suggests patients may be willing to undergo such sharing of data, it will probably depend on the implementation of how to conduct a collaboration program between insurers, providers and patients.