On their 2 year anniversary, GymPact expanded their offerings for earning money with healthy living by introducing two new pacts focused on healthy eating. The first new pact focuses on the number of vegetable servings, confirmed by user-submitted photos of each serving. The second new pact focuses on days of logging nutrition info, via a new partnership with popular food-tracking app MyFitnessPal.

To reflect these additions, they have rebranded as Pact and introduced newly redesigned apps for iPhone and Android, both available later today in their respective app stores.  Also, for the new year, today we updated our long-term review of the GymPact app.  

The overall process for maintaining pacts will remain the same–before the start of the new week, the user commits to performing a specific task a certain number of times for the coming week.

During the week, the user uses the iPhone or Android app to verify their fulfillment of the pact.

If the user fails to complete their pact, they are penalized a user-selected fee ($5-$50) per instance that they fell short. If the user successfully completes their pact, they are rewarded a cash prize (averaging about $0.25-0.50 per instance) gathered from the penalties collected from other users.

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The pact focusing on number of vegetable servings has the user committing to a weekly number of total vegetable servings. Each time the user eats a serving of vegetable, they use the app to submit a photo for review. The food-logging pact seems more straightforward with MyFitnessPal integration.  Users will commit to a number of days each week they will log their food.  For a day to count, the user must log at least 1200 calories and log at least 3 meals a day (or 2 meals + snacks).

The exercise-based pacts remain unchanged: you can fulfill pacts via either GPS check-in at a gym, working out anywhere with the smartphone’s motion sensor or GPS-tracking app (such as RunKeeper), or by meeting a 10,000 step count goal with a Jawbone or Fitbit device.

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Incorporating nutrition goals is a logical but significant next step for the company, and could prove to be a financial and health boon for users as well. At iMedicalApps, we’re quite fond of both MyFitnessPal and GymPact, and welcome any partnership between the two. Today, we also updated our long-term review of GymPact, although we still have yet to test out these newly released features.

Source: Pact (Formerly GymPact)

Press Release Below:

Earn cash for living healthy

Fitness app Pact motivates you to live healthy by putting real money on the line

San Francisco, California, December, 2013 – There is no argument that it can be difficult to find the motivation to start exercising and eating healthy. But, how would your motivation change if you had real money on the line?

On January 1st, Pact (formerly known as GymPact) will be expanding their iOS and Android app to include incentives for healthy eating. There will be 2 new Pacts in addition to exercise, one focused around photo verification and the other with their newest integration partner, MyFitnessPal.

Pact was founded by Harvard students who realized that the extra monetary kick of having your own money on the line helps limit excuses and get people achieving their goals. Individuals make a Pact of how many times a week they plan to exercise, eat fruits/veggies, or log their food. Users then set the stakes and enter how much they would be willing to pay if they do not reach their goals.

At the end of the week, if a user reaches their goals they receive real cash rewards that come from those who didn’t make it that week. The average user is rewarded 30 – 50 cents for each activity completed.

GymPact officially launched on iPhone on January 1st 2012 and launched on Android January 1st 2013. During this time GymPact users have completed an impressive 5 million+ total workouts and stuck to their goals 92% of the time.

Pact can also share data relating to exercise commitments by state and gender, and how much money motivates the most success.