Purpose of the Review

  • This review will analyze Bodyxq Heart for Android to ascertain its usefulness for patients.


Bodyxq claims to be the world’s first interactive education program that enables you to travel inside the organs of the body and explore their functions.This app is developed by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation, which describes itself as an international non-profit organization. 

Since we’re always on the look out for apps that could be useful patient education tools, this one caught our eye. However, delving deeper, we quickly discovered that there is a hidden agenda of which healthcare professionals should be aware.

User Interface

On opening the app, there is a simple description and several options. The choices to select include:

  • A healthy heart
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart failure
  • Arrhythmia

Each of these choices lead you to well designed 3D models of the human heart and blood vessels with indicators for the main structures. Users can control what happens to the 3D model animation either by speeding it up or by tweaking other settings.

Its at this point that we realize that the app is not really what it seems. Bodyxq Heart continuously references some concept of Cellular Medicine over what it calls Conventional Medicine. The argument is that all illnesses can be cured through the use of vitamins. Further exploration regarding the Dr. Rath Health Foundation uncovers an editorial in Nature about it, identifying the foundation as a front for an individual who goes into AIDS-stricken communities to convince people that they shouldn’t take HAART; instead, they are recommended to take a combination of vitamins and other natural products, Ultimately, the app seems to be a marketing tool for Cellular Medicine and not really a patient education app.

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Evidence and literature used to support app

  • The app does not contain any references to source materials.


  • Free


  • Well designed 3D animations


  • Offers no source material or justification for a very unconventional philosophy that has, in the past, been the basis for outrageous actions
  • Discourages patients from proper treatment
  • Has incorrect medical information

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • None


  • Bodyxq heart is aesthetically well designed, but ultimately is a mask for a hidden agenda. Healthcare professionals need to be aware that apps like this exist and to counsel their patients on appropriate sources for medical information

Google Play Link

Type of device used to review app–Motorola Droid 3
App version– 2.1.1

Rating: (1 to 5 stars): 1/5

  • User interface – 3. UI is friendly
  • Multimedia usage – 5.  Excellent animations
  • Price – 1. Free costs a lot in this case.
  • Real world applicability -1. Patients using this app might be discouraged from seeking proper medical advice