Purpose of App Review:

  • How useful is this app as a question bank to review topics in Otolaryngology?


The AcademyQ Otolaryngology Knowledge Self Assessment Tool is an app developed by the American Academy of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery.

It was created as a question bank type resource to cover the areas of otolaryngology.

The app includes over 400 multiple choice questions covering general otolaryngology as well as the various subspecialties within the field and is great for those that are always on the go. The app also states that each question and explanation is created by a nationally recognized otolaryngology expert.

User Interface:

The app starts off with a list of categories including General otolaryngology, Facial plastics and reconstruction, Head and Neck Surgery, Otology and Neurotology, etc. Each topic lists the number of questions in each category and has a progress bar that shows how much of each set has been completed. The progress bar shows red for incorrect questions and green for correct questions.

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The app also has a short Watch a video demo that shows how to use the app for first time users. The video goes through all of the features that are found within the app.

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Once a topic is selected from the main menu, a new page opens that shows each question available within the topic, as seen below. The questions can be displayed as the questions themselves or by keywords. This depends on how the user wants to select the questions they want to do.

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Once a question is selected, a new screen opens with the vignette selected. Each question is multiple choice so the answers are listed below the vignette. To answer a question, the user can click on Answer and a button for each answer pops up.

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This app also has a useful feature that allows the user to add their own notes to each question. The notes can be typed or can even be voice notes that are recorded. The user also has the ability to favorite questions and even highlight selected text. Some questions have images that can be zoomed in on as well.

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Once the answer is selected, an extensive explanation is given for the correct answer. Each of the explanations also includes references that link to PubMed articles which can be very useful if a user wants more information.

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The free version of the app includes 10 sample questions, but the paid version includes all 400+ questions. New questions are also added annually to the app.


  • Free
  • Full version is $49.99


  • Questions created by experts in otolaryngology and each question has references that link to PubMed
  • Ability to highlight, take notes and record audio notes for each question
  • Ability to zoom in on images if needed


  • Does not display a percent completed or percent correct

Healthcare workers that would benefit from the app:

  • Residents and physicians who work in the field of otolaryngology.


  • The AcademyQ app is a great question bank resource for physicians and residents in the field of otolaryngology. This can be a great resource to have on a mobile device, especially in the busy lives of surgeons in training.
  • The app has great questions, each with extensive explanations and citations. The app also has features that make the app very user friendly including note taking, highlighting, etc.
  • As of publish, there is no Android version available.

Type of Device used to review app: iPhone 5
Version of App: 1.3

iTunes Link

Rating: (1 to 5 stars): 4.5/5

  1. User Interface: 5/5 – Easy to use and navigate. Has very user friendly features including note taking, voice recorded notes, highlighting, favoriting, etc. Each question also has references linked to peer reviewed articles.
  2. Multimedia usage: 5/5 – The app has several questions that include images which can be clicked on and zoomed in on. The app also has a useful demo video.
  3. Price: 4/5 – The app is free for the limited version which includes 10 questions. The full version is $49.99 which includes the rest of the 400+ questions. Since each of these questions has extensive explanations that have all been carefully cited, the app is worth the $49.99 for the full version.
  4. Real world applicability: 4/5 – This app can be used daily for otolaryngologists and residents. It is a great way to study and review while on the go and in between cases.

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