VoiceFirst is a software technology application that overlays on top of a hospital’s existing EMR system and allows clinicians to interact with their EMR by using their voice.  Ryan Brown of VoiceFirst introduced me to their product at the 2013 mHealth Summit. This enables charting directly into the EMR and pulling data from the EMR without ever having to touch a keyboard.

Brown,  Senior Technical Account Manager at VoiceFirst,  gave me an example of how VoiceFirst could be used: “a nurse could say review allergies. Our system would go into the EMR and provide it back to the nurse both on their handheld device and also in their headset.”

Thus, the two way interaction by the the clinician would never have to look at or touch a computer in order to interact with their EMR. By preventing clinicians from having to spend time typing information into an EMR, VoiceFirst hopes to optimize the performance of clinicians and improve patient outcomes by creating more time that can be possibly used for patient interaction.