Ultrasound utilization by Emergency Medicine physicians has dramatically increased over the last several years (1). In the Emergency Room we use Ultrasound for a multitude of settings, ranging from FAST exams, to diagnosing hydronephrosis or evaluating for cardiac effusion (2).

As a majority of Emergency Rooms have started to store ultrasound machines in their department, it is essential physicians understand how to utilize these machines at the point of care. Mobile apps are fantastic tools for learning Ultrasound due to their ability to easily display pictures and videos — critical for Ultrasound learning.

The portability of these apps make them useful at the point of care when you are actively performing an Ultrasound, further boosting their clinical utility. The following are five of the best Ultrasound Apps currently available for Emergency Medicine.

5. One Minute Ultrasound

Clinical Utility: A great application if you are starting to learn Ultrasound as a medical student or as an intern, especially since it is free. The app has been reviewed by iMedicalApps before. It teaches the initial skills required for ultrasound. Not as useful to use at the point of care since the app has short videos and you can’t scroll through pictures or reference material.

Developed by the venerable EM Ultrasound team, Mike and Matt, who run the website, Ultrasound Podcast. User Interface: Relatively clear interface with tiles: FAST, Gallbladder, DVT, Aorta, Soft Tissue, Wall Motion, and “More”. “More” contains a set of other one minute ultrasound videos. Each of these has a short, one minute clip (hence the name of the app) about the particular topic. It should be noted the app can only be used if you have an internet connection. The tiles basically link out to a video that has to be streamed.

Price: Free

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