During the first day of exhibits at the 2013 mHealth Summit I met Erika O’Donohoe, Director of Client Services and Support, of Propeller.

Propeller is a respiratory disease management company, and Erika showed me their bluetooth enabled sensor which helps those with asthma and COPD avoid attacks and adhere to their prescribed doses.

Propeller sits on top of any standard metered dose inhaler used for asthma and COPD.

It records the time and place of when the medication is used. When paired via bluetooth to the user’s smartphone, it syncs the data to its accompanying smartphone app.

O’Donohoe gave me an example of a typical situation in which Propeller could help a user avoid future attacks. “Are you always having an asthma attack on Tuesday morning at the gym? You’ve had an asthma event three times at the same location”

Through Propeller, the patient would be able to name and trend the event thus providing the user with information needed to help them with similar future attacks. Propeller allows parents to access their children’s account,  and can also notify parents when their child has a rescue event. Users can be sent reminders to take medication to help adherence.

Patients can also allow their healthcare provider to view their data remotely through the Propeller provider dashboard. This helps providers monitor adherence as well as help identify those with lower control of their asthma or COPD enabling the provider to create more effective disease management plans. Propeller is available for both iPhone and Android.