11 Health has released Ostom-i Alert, a sensor that alerts patients regarding how full their ostomy bag is in order to help them decide when to empty it.

The sensor clips onto any ostomy bag and measures how full the bag is every few seconds.

The data is sent to a smartphone app via Bluetooth which notifies the user when the bag is filling up.

Users can set up individual alerts for notification and allow reports to be automatically sent to their physician.

Michael Seres, co-founder of 11 Health, was himself diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 12. In a recent interview with mobihealthnews he describes why he started developing the device. “When you get fitted, there are a lot of problems with it (the ostomy bag) – as an ostomy patient, you don’t know how big it will expand” Seres explains.

This problem naturally lead him to think about solutions. He wanted an app to alert him when the bag was filling. When he was unable to find one he took matters into his own hands and started building a prototype out of parts he bought from eBay. Guidance information about the volume of output over a time period is captured by the device and can be emailed to the user. The data is also securely stored on the device website. From there, it can be easily accessed.

Ostom-i is for single use only and can last up to three months. It is available on the 11 Health website for $79.99.

Source: 11 Health, mobihealthnews