mySkin takes a step forward in how patients look at their own acne with ScanZ.

It’s an imaging device that scans one’s own skin to help remove some uncertainty when it comes to acne.

It connects to your iPhone where the ScanZ app analyzes the data.

ScanZ tells users three things about their acne: when it will go away, how to treat it, and when a breakout will occur. They claim it does this by combining the scanned data with input from the user regarding diet and skin care.

The data is combined using clinical algorithms developed at Mayo Clinic.

Although its current use is for acne, the creators of ScanZ hope their device will be used for all kinds of skin imaging and analysis. To encourage this, they have a developer API and SDK for developers to create their own applications for the device.

Currently, ScanZ is in its prototype phase. mySkin is fundraising on Indiegogo to finish development and get the device into production. The device is $249, but you can currently get it on Indiegogo for $199. You can also purchase tickets to their launch parties in Europe and NYC for $2,500 and $2,999 respectively (at which you will receive a ScanZ and some swag).

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