Riddell, the biggest manufacturer of football helmets in the US, unveiled its newly developed InSite head-impact monitoring system. The system monitors and records significant head impacts sustained during football games and practice.

It is designed to alert team staff of high risk single and multiple head impacts, and enable improved identification and management of concussion.

Unlike teams in the NFL and NCAA, players in lower leagues are not protected by rules which attempt to minimize the number of hits above the neck. Riddell hopes to fill this gap through InSite. The technology is based on Riddell’s own Head Impact Telemetry System and Sideline Response Technologies.

The system is comprised of three parts: the Player Unit which attaches to the inside of the players helmet and is packed with sensors; the Alert Monitor which sends impact results of individual players to sideline staff and Player Management Software that allows coaches to see the head-related health history of each player.

The Player Management Software provides coaches and doctors with detailed information on the hits their players are taking to the head. InSite is able to record multiple injury points for every hit suffered by a player. InSite is even able to detect the magnitude of force, location and duration of contact.

The Alert Monitor will notify sideline staff when there is a hit worth looking into and any potential trauma that may have been caused to the head. The thresholds for such notifications have been created using data Riddell has been collecting from its Impact Response System since 2003 using almost 2 million data points.

InSite  is aimed at coaches and trainers. Each Player Unit costs $150, the Alert Monitor costs $200 and covers up to 150 players.

Source: Engadget, Riddell