In the UK, NICE guidelines are used to promote management of a wide number of conditions according to best practices.

These guidelines are useful tools for both diagnosis and management; having them in a mobile format at the point of care could have a meaningful impact on the quality of patient care.

To date, there are a number of apps which have offered this functionality. Now, NICE has joined the party with an official app that contains all the guidelines in a simple accessible format.

The app opens with a range of options for identifying clinical guidelines including the ability to search for a specific condition, access previously saved bookmarks, or browse a range of public health guidance documents.


Once you have chosen a guideline,  there are several options for browsing through it. There are forward and back arrows at the bottom of each page or alternatively the user can jump to a contents page using the button in the top right. This is also the only way to return to the Home page and access other guidelines.

There is a useful share feature which allows the user to share either specific chapters or the whole guideline via email. Bookmarks can be added to sections regularly accessed.



The user interface throughout is well designed, fast and responsive. The only exception is the difficulty identifying how to exit a particular guidance document which took some time to work out. Generally, though, the app is easy to use.


The search feature is useful for identifying specific guidance. The app will automatically update the guidelines periodically. This ensures that you always carry the latest guidance on your mobile device. Another useful feature is the ability to access guidelines without internet access (although updates obviously can’t be downloaded).



  • Free


  • Fast responsive user interface
  • Content stored offline


  • Only way to export PDF is to email to oneself
  • Unable to copy small specific sections of text


  • The official NICE app is the easiest and simplest way to access NICE guidelines that are reliably up to date on your mobile device. As such, this app is recommended for all UK based clinicians.

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars): 4/5

  1. User Interface: 3/5
  2. Multimedia usage: 4/5
  3. Price: 5/5
  4. Real world applicability: 5/5

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