Soon to be released, the Kinsa smart thermometer is an oral thermometer that plugs into an iPhone and collects and tracks temperature data through an app to create an illness history.

Kinsa hopes to create a real-time map of human health beginning with contagious illness.

The thermometer connects to an iPhone via the headphone jack and takes a temperature reading within ten seconds. It has no screen or LED on it; all data is fed into the iPhone and is displayed via the Kinsa app. The data read by Kinsa can be shared with your Physician and also used to compare symptoms to what’s going around in the local area.


Kinsa states their goal is not to diagnose people, but rather provide a health context for people in order to better be able to respond to illness at the first sign or symptom and help to prevent further illness.

The Kinsa app allows users to join private groups to benefit family and community members to communicate information on illnesses spreading. More information on the smart thermometer and how to reserve one can be found the Kinsa website.

Source: Kinsa