Recently our Founder and Editor-In-Chief of iMedicalApps, Iltifat Husain (@iltifatMD), was asked by the Brookings Institute to speak on a panel about the Modernization of Health Care through Mobile Technology and Medical Monitoring devices.

The panel was moderated by Darrell West, the vice president and director of governance studies and director of the center for technology innovation at the Brookings Institute.

In Dr. Husain’s opening statement (the 12:50 mark), he mentioned two companies he is looking forward to hearing more from: VisiMobile and AdhereTech.  Further, he mentions how health tracking isn’t always a good thing.  Husain goes on to mention other devices he is a fan of, and how he feels mobile technology will be used in the future of medicine.  He makes key points on how we need to be careful who we monitor — and “blanket monitoring” isn’t the solution, it will only create more problems. 

The video is below: