Pristine EyeSight, a HIPAA compliant Google Glass software solution for surgeons that is capable of delivering 1st person video streaming and 2-way audio, recently won a DEMO God Award. The company has managed to raise $350,000 and is attempting to raise another $100,000.

Pristine describes the benefits of their solution on their blog:

We’ve built and are actively testing a HIPAA compliant, first person, audio and video streaming solution called Pristine EyeSight. We’re streaming from Glass to any authorized device on the hospital’s network.

We solve the problem of ‘Can you come over here and look at this?’ This is a profound concept with a diverse set of use cases throughout virtually every avenue of care.

The first pilot of Pristine is currently being held at UC Irvine Medical Center during inpatient and outpatient surgeries and results have been positive.

Kyle Samani, Pristine’s CEO, comments, “Doctors are happy because they are not wasting time running around, nurses are happy because they’re not waiting on their doctors, patients are getting a better, faster, safer experience.” Another pilot project is to be held at Banner Health, the largest healthcare provider within the southwestern US with 40 hospitals under management.

CheckLists, another Pristine product, is also being piloted at UC Irvine in perioperative environments. Pristine is a HIPAA compliant checklist on Google Glass. With this product, Pristine aims to maximize operational efficiency and create effective process control systems. “In time, we believe we’ll implement checklists throughout the hospital. They’re useful in situations in which the cost of being wrong is high” says Samani of CheckLists.

Sources: MedCityNews, Pristine