Glooko has received FDA 510(k) clearance for their HIPAA compliant Glooko System, a unified diabetes management system. The system includes a smartphone app, a MeterSync cable and web dashboards for both patients and doctors.
Glooko users can track their carb intake, insulin dosage, and other lifestyle factors such as exercise. The app includes built-in food, insulin and medication databases to streamline the logging process.

It helps better determine insulin requirements through its built-in food data base which provides nutritional information on food distributed by over 5800 food manufacturers, 700 restaurants and 250 supermarkets. By regularly logging their lifestyle choices and seeing how they affect their glucose readings, users should be better equipped to understand how their choices affect their diabetes management plan.

Via the Glooko mobile app and Glooko MeterSync Cable patients are able to to download meter readings from 19 different glucose meters to their smartphone. The data can be annotated and shared through Glooko’s integrated online platform.

Care providers can also interpret and analyze the data through the unified diabetes management system. Glooko reads data from a multitude of monitoring devices and outputs them through one system. Providers therefore have no need to switch from one data view to another to manage a database of diabetes patients at the individual and population level.
Glooko aims to increase the amount and quality of data shared with care providers and increase patient engagement. Users can share their blood glucose data with their care providers through Glooko’s Web Dashboard. Over time as the data builds up, care providers are better able to adjust a diabetes management plan for the user. Analytical tools provide an objective assessment of how the user can adjust their routine to optimize diabetes management as well as congratulate the user when succeeding.

Glooko hopes to lower costs for disease management companies, employers, and the Medicare system through better outcomes by improved management and diminishing emergency hospitalizations due to glucose fluctuations.

Information on how patients and care providers can get Glooko is available on the Glooko website.

Source: Glooko